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I have the right stuff for your next project
I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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  • Last Sunday, we had a great instameet in the place where I grew up, Hook of Holland. It was great to finally meet some of the people I follow for a long time. 😃 Thanks to everyone for joining and to @rotterdam_info for a great organization, it was all very interesting and a lot of fun! #hoekvanholland
#rotterdambeach #rotterdambeachmeet
  • Evening vibes in Haparanda. 🇸🇪 #visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel
  • A tranquil setting at Torneträsk Lake, Abisko. 🇸🇪 @swedishlapland #visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel #abisko
  • The road from Kukkola to Kiruna. The views got better around every bend, I loved driving here.🌲🗺🚗 #visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel
  • This adventure has now come to an end. Heading back home again and looking back to a fantastic experience here in @swedishlapland. I will miss the abundance of nature, the friendly people here and obviously, the fika’s. Hope to see you soon Sweden! 🇸🇪✨ #visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel
  • When in Sweden.... 🌲💛 #visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel #notamoose
  • After a fantastic and cold night at the @icehotelsweden, we drove towards Abisko where we stumbled across this picturesque scenery at lake Torneträsk. It was so peaceful here...👌🏻✨#visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel
  • One of the many little barns we found here... And after a really warm day, we will tonight cool down to a -5 °C degrees at the stunning @icehotelsweden! ❄️ Check out my stories to follow some of this coolness!👆🏻 #visitsweden #swedishlapland #voigttravel #icehotelsweden
  • Summer in Sweden! 🌲🌲🌲 After a great flight from Rotterdam directly to Skellefteå, we drove off towards the amazing vilage of Kukkola, where the mighty Torne river sets the border between Sweden and Finland. From here, we will explore the Swedish Lapland further the coming days. Looking forward to see more of this stunning part of Sweden! 🇸🇪✨ @voigttravel #voigttravel @swedishlapland #swedishlapland
  • One of those silent moments in North Jutland…😍 The beaches here are just perfect for wandering around. #visitnordjylland #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark #OntdekLandal #landalgreenparks #letsilencespeak
  • Summer in Løkken.... what an amazing evening this was. 💛🌊🏄🏻‍♂️ #visitnordjylland #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark #OntdekLandal #landalgreenparks #denemarken
  • Today, we arrived back home after a fantastic time at @landalnl in Denmark. I love this country even more then when I last visited it. The nature, the silent landscapes, the people, the liquorice ice creams, the beaches. It was all just perfect. Thank you @visitnordjylland and @hvidesandedk, for showing us your wonderful regions and providing us with some great tips, we loved all of it! ✨🇩🇰👌🏻 #hvdesandedk #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark #OntdekLandal #landalgreenparks #lyngvigfyr